stunning (heartbrokenhate) wrote in not_your_stars,

helloooo out there

finally somewhere where i can't be rejected
cuz people don't understand me
and i can talk about anything
kinda makes me feel like river dancin....

yeaa. boondock saints. good movie, go rent it

i'll start a trend here

Name: Taylor
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Birthday: May 13th
Birth Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Current Location: (plah) BitchTownUsa [aka] Darien, CT

Hobbies: playing guitar, writing, drawing, etc.

Favorite Band (s): oh god, it would take me WAY to long, so i'll list some basics.. lol
alakaline trio, billy talent, coheed and cambria, linkin park, for felix, brand new, daphne loves derby, taking back sunday, the used... okay this i gonna take way to long haha
Favorite Song (s): oh i'm not gonna start. but CURRENTLY its :: Hopeless Love - Daphne Loves Derby
Favorite Cd: to many
Favorite Food: um... POTATOES! tee hee
Favorite Movie (s): oh god.. uh.. Good Burger, The Boondock Saints, Super Troopers, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Hook, Peter Pan, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, 8 Crazy Nights, Jackass The Movie, Home Videos..... & More.
Favorite Colour: Silver or Blue
Favorite Season: Summer!

hmm what else
Picture :: If You Have One ::

Description ::
5'1''? haha im short
Weight: 105? something peanut-like hehe
Hair Colour: D. Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Skin: tanner than pale... sorta. hehe

that's it

yea. lol

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my icon matches your sn i love it
yay! lol
omg i absolutely love your icon! brand new, is Amazing. lol this is really weird, but i was looking at ur info, and i though it was my info for a second. my name is taylor, im 15, lol. i listen to all the stuff u do, lol same fav color and food and all that. it was so weird. well yea! haha, just thought id let u no! lol ttyl
dude i just read this but SWEET
add me?
you're awesome AHH! YOU HAVE MY NAME :D :D :D